Our lovely Sabrina started this wonderful initiative with her passion for education and with a strong drive towards letting the children have a say in what they would like to explore and experience. Her ideas and genuine interest in letting kids have a go spark our organisation's activities. Sabrina is the driving force behind The Lift Studio.

The Founder Sabrina


Dedicated volunteers help to keep things running smoothly. Mario is helping with the funding by collecting scrap metal and bringing it to the tip. This is providing the start-up capital for our organisation. Una is helping by keeping our finances in order and developing marketing materials to get the word out about our activities. And in the background there are lots of other little helpers, generous and kind souls.


After flying, teaching and working in Europe in the 2000s, I returned home and was offered roles teaching in Western Sydney high schools. I really loved being in the classroom, creating lessons and events.


In 2015 my eldest daughter started school and with a young child still at home (and unable to afford a nanny) I left my teaching job to work from home. With my daughter at school, it gave me the parent side perspective of how schools are run, but more importantly how children learn.


Fast forward 4 years, I decided to voice "an idea" to the local Council, where we were accepted to participate in a "Start-Up" Social Enterprise course in March 2019. At the end of 2019 four wonderful volunteers became "The Lift Studio" team.


Again, ironically, it was only when I observed and questioned how children learn (from a parent perspective) and spoke to other parents and guardians, that I learned about Sir Ken Robinson and his TED Talk in 2006.


Meeting Sir Ken in 2018 at the Future Schools Conference and again in 2019 at the Edutech Conference was an absolute highlight for me. I told him about how I wanted to start "The Lift Studio" after reading his book "Finding Your Element."


It took over 30 years to follow my true North and at "The Lift Studio" we want to help young people build skills to pursue their passion and lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Love, Sabrina xx

"Life is not linear. When you follow your own true North you create new opportunities, meet different people, have different experiences and create a different life."


Sir Ken Robinson